WSYG Info and Dinner This Wednesday!! (the 28th)

Hey everyone! Hope you’re having a good week so far.

At 5:30 this Wednesday, September 28th, we’ll be taking the Bethel Bus to the El Paseo shopping center in Saratoga for dinner. After dinner, we’ll come back to bethel around 7:15 to talk about the Western States Youth Gathering (bring parents at 7:15 if possible!) WSYG is a super fun event during which Lutheran high schoolers from different churches around the west coast and pacific northwest will come together for about five days at Cal Lutheran and hang out. There will be guest speakers, probably concerts and other live performances, and more stuff we’ll talk about on Wednesday! It’s awesome and if you’re available to attend, I would HIGHLY recommend it :)

Next Wednesday, on October 5th at 5:30, we’ll be getting dinner at Pieology and then going to Cream for dessert, around Main Street Cupertino. That night, we’ll be doing a “Share Your Story” thing, where you can bring any form of media (a song, a picture or painting, a video, etc) to share something meaningful about yourself or your life.

On Saturday October 8th, Bethel Out and About is going to the Fleet Week event in San Francisco. You can hang out at the pier, see the Blue Angels fly and have fun in the city for a day! If you’re interested in going, let Tom know so he can save you a spot.

Hope to see you guys soon!!

Skyler (the funkiest youth assistant)

In-n-Out This Wednesday!

Hey friends!

This Wednesday, we’re meeting at Bethel at 5:30 to go get food and have a discussion! We’ll be taking the Bethel Bus to In-N-Out Burger and then coming back to the church to talk about current events. We should wrap up around 8:30.

Next week, we’ll be going to the El Paseo shopping center in Saratoga for food and hanging out at Bethel afterward :)

Hope to see you Wednesday,

Skyler (the smartest youth assistant)


Sunday School & Game Night

Hi Friends,

Well, normally Skyler would be writing you, but she is still hitting the big apple (NYC) and will be back tomorrow :-)  Here are some upcoming things for you to check out:

Sunday School kicks off tomorrow, Sunday the 11th at 9:45am in the Youth Room.  We’ll get a glimpse of our plan for this coming year.  Come check in and check it out!  Oh yeah, donut holes too :-)

This coming Wednesday the 14th it is one of our favorites:  Game Night!  Come at 5:30pm with some dinner you snagged from home and a few $’s for a walk over to Cream after we game it up.  We will be all wrapped up by 8:30pm.

Looking forward to seeing you.  Have a super week!!!

Peace, Tom

Shoreline Picnic :)

Hey guys!

THIS WEDNESDAY, August 31st, we are driving the bus to Shoreline, where we’ll go to the park and hang out and discuss goals for this year. Come to Bethel at 5:30 and bring your own dinner. On the way back from Shoreline we’ll stop at Yogurtland, so maybe bring money if you like yogurt. We should be done and back at Bethel around 8:30.

Next week, on September 7th, we’ll go to the shopping center with Safeway, Panda Express, the Sandwich Spot and a bunch of other fabulous dinner options. After, we’ll come back to Bethel and brainstorm some activities and discussion topics for this year.

See you soon!!

Skyler (the funniest youth assistant)

2016 Youth Kickoff!!


I (Skyler) am super excited to serve as your youth assistant this year!! I can’t wait to start Wednesday night events up again, as well as Sunday school and eventually Common Ground! We’ll be focusing our discussions toward topics that are relevant and #relatable, and I look forward to sharing opinions and collaborating with everyone. I’m sure this year will be great :)

Next week we’ll be having a picnic at Shoreline so bring your own food and a super rad attitude. Meet us at Bethel at 5:30 and we’ll take the Bethel Bus to Shoreline!

Hope to see all of you soon,

Skyler (the prettiest youth assistant)