Chili Cook Off!

Hey all of you people, this Wednesday night we will be having a Chili cook off so if you have a good recipe for chili, make it and share it with us and we will have “professional” judges score your chili. We will be meeting in Torvend hall at 6:00pm. Make sure to bring your family so that they will be informed of the upcoming events this year and how they can be involved. Also, while the parents are being informed, your youth assistants have planned a variety of fun activities to do.

Also next Wednesday, 9/24, we will be meeting at the youth room to go to El Amigo Burrito make sure to bring $15-20 and we will be leaving at 5:30. If you cannot make it for the dinner, we will be coming back to the youth room at 7:15 for the discussion of Dr. Phil, Jesus, or me.

Finally, This Sunday 9/21, will be the start of Sunday school. We will be meeting in the youth room at 9:45, hope to see all of you there!  ⛪

Tom 408 309-9975 Emilie 408 781-7386 Spencer 408 206 2343

BBQ and Environment

Hi there everybody!

This Wednesday, September 10th, we will meet at Bethel at 5:30pm to go to the Safeway Shopping center over by church to grab dinner. After, we will come back to church to set up recycling and compost bins around Bethel’s campus in order to make Bethel an eco-friendly school. You should bring about $10-15 for dinner.

Next Wednesday, September 17th, we will meet at bethel at 5:30 and we will be hosting a BBQ for you and your parents. Bring your parents so that they can learn about what we do in youth group and why you should be apart of it. While your parents are having a fantastic time, your youth assistants will be leading you in various activities. Hope to see all of you there!

If you have any questions on the upcoming events please contact Spencer, Emilie, or Tom.

Emilie 408-781-7386    Spencer 408-206-2343    Tom 408-309-9975

Two Wednesdays for You!


Hi there youth group!

This upcoming Wednesday, the 27th, we will be meeting at Bethel at 5:30 to have a potluck and brainstorm session. Bring your own food and maybe a little to share as well as your brilliant ideas.  We are going to come up with new things that we can  discuss throughout the year.

 Also, the next Wednesday, September 3rd, we will meet at Bethel to go to Shoreline at 5:30. Bring $10.00 – $15.00 for Togos. Once at Shoreline we will talk about what we have done over the summer and what our plans are for the coming school year.

Please let Spencer, Emilie, or Tom know if you will be attending these events.  See Ya on Wednesday!

Emilie and Spencer

{Emilie: 408 781 7386  -  Spencer: 408 206 2343  -  Tom: 408 309 9975}



Hello there people of bethel youth! As you all know, summer is coming to an end and school is starting up again. To take a break from the stresses of school, your new youth assistants, Emilie and Spencer, have decided to throw a BBQ this coming Wednesday 8/20/14 or all of you! The BBQ will take place at Tom’s house. We will leave Bethel at 5:30pm and take the Bethel Bus to his house. Spencer will be preparing a wonderful tri-tip for all of us and Emilie will be making a superb vegetable dish for all you who do not prefer meat. After your 5 star meal, we will be watching the movie, “I AM”, which is about how we can change the world for the better. We are excited to be your youth assistants this year and to get to know all of you better. All you need to bring is a positive attitude :)

Here are three things about each of your new youth assistants:

Spencer: I was the accompanist for the children’s choir at Bethel, I taught at a cooking academy in Sunnyvale, and I like to cook during my free time.

Emilie: I am an animal lover, I enjoy archery and the outdoors, and I like video games.

Hope to see you all there! :D

~Emilie and Spencer

Fentons – Oh Yea!

Hi there Sr High and College Peeps,

Come join us this coming Wednesday, August 11th at 4pm as we head up to East Bay for a little Fenton’s Fun.  If you have had the opportunity to partake of this legendary Creamery, you know how cool it is.  If not, come and find out.  Bring $20 -$25 to cover dinner and some Ice Cream.

On the way back, we’ll come west across the Bay Bridge (almost one year old now) and head back to Bethel.  Please let me know if you can join us by text (408-309-9975) or email (  We will be back between 9 and 10 pm.

See ya Wednesday, Tom