World Series – Game 7

Hi Friends,

You’ve probably already heard that there is a Game 7 in the World Series tonight.  The Fun with Faith Harvest Festival has been cancelled but we will enjoy the game on the youth room TV along with some yummy pizza.  Somewhere along in the evening, we’ll venture over to Ice Box for a snack.  Good news is that the pizza will cost you $0 and you just need to bring $ for your Ice Cream Sandwich :-)

The 1st pitch is at 5:07 so come over anytime you want.

Peace, Tom

Harvest Festival and IceBox

Hello everyone!

This Wednesday, 10/29, we will be celebrating the harvest festival with the Bethel community and food will be provided. We will meet in the youth room and then move over to Torvend. Bring $5 for the food there. After the festivities, we will potentially walking over to IceBox if weather permits-if not we will drive. Bring another $5 for that.

Next Wednesday, we will head over to Red Robin (yummmmmm) for dinner- you will need about $15 for this. However, if you cannot make it for dinner, we will be back to the youth room around 7:15 and you can join us for our candlelit  discussion.

Hope to see you there!

Emilie (408-781-7386) Spencer (408-206-2343) Tom (408-309-9975)

Scary Movie & Creepy Pasta :) Detroit Reminder & Harvest Fair

Hello all of you fine youth members! This Wednesday 10/22/14 we will be watching a scary movie. Also make sure to bring a scary food to share with everyone. We will be meeting in the youth room at 5:30 P.M. hope to see all of you there!

Also next Wednesday 10/29/14 we will be joining the fun with faith for the Harvest Fair. Afterwards we will be going to the ICE BOX for desert. Bring a total of 10$, 5$ for Fun with Faith and the other $5 for desert. Hope to see everyone there!

REMINDER!!! Your Detroit deposit of $150.00 is due this Wednesday. If you cannot get the deposit in on Wednesday, you can still get it in, just be sure to make arrangements with Tom.

If you have any questions contact us at these numbers:

Tom 408-309-9975 Emilie 408-781-7386 Spencer 408-206-2343

Dr.Phil, Jesus, or me? & Detroit & Pumpkin Patch

Hey everyone! This Wednesday 10/15 we will be having a potluck dinner with the fun with faith group. Make sure to bring $1.00, a canned food, and something to share with everyone. After dinner we will be heading to the youth room for a Dr. Phil, Jesus, or me discussion so make sure to bring a topic you would like to talk about. We will be meeting at 6:00 P.M. hope to see all of you there! :)

Also if you are planning to attend the National Youth Gathering in Detroit your deposit of $150.00 is due on 10/22/14, if you are late with your payment you can still attend the event just be sure to work it out with Tom.

Finally, this coming Sunday 10/19/14 we will be heading out to a pumpkin patch/ corn maze in Livermore. we will be leaving after the second service (12 P.M.) and we will be grabbing lunch on the way and admission is $10.00 so the grand total will be around $20.00. This event is for everyone so make sure to bring your friends!

If you have any questions contact us!

Tom (408) 309-9975 Emilie (408) 781-7386 Spencer (480) 206-2343

Cinema & Pumpkin Patch

Hello all of you people, this Wednesday 10/8 we will be meeting at Bethel at 5:30 to go watch the movie “God is Not Dead”.  🎥 Tom will have pizza for us upon arriving at his home so make sure to bring $5.  🍕  💵 Hope to see all of you there!  ☺

Also on Sunday 10/19 we will be heading to Livermore for a pumpkin patch and corn maze! We will be leaving at noon (after the second service) and we will be heading out to lunch. Admission is $10 and bring an extra $10-15 for food. We will be back at Bethel around 6:00 Hope to see all of you there! Feel free to invite all of your friends! 🎃

If you have any questions contact us!

Tom 408-309-9975  👓 Emilie 408-781-7386  🐯 Spencer 408-206-2343  🎶