Wednesday Night Brainstorming

Hi youths! We are very excited to start this year with a exciting night of ideas.  Meet us at Bethel at 5:30 for a fun picnic at the park.  Bring yourself a nice picnic dinner (basket optional) and we will hang out at the park while we think up some plans for this year.

In other news, the four of us (Amelia, Cameron, Laura, and Nick) are very excited to announce that we will be your youth assistants for this school year! We can’t wait to spend our senior year serving our community as well as the youth of our church. We’ll see you (hopefully) this Wednesday!


Laura, Nick, Cam, & Amelia 🌵

Sr High Fellowship Potluck this Wednesday

Hi Friends,

Join us this Wednesday, August 19th for a Potluck and Discussion starting at 6:30pm in the Youth Room.  Bring some food to share, some thoughts to share, and a few $’s to walk over to Cream for a cool down snack.  We will be all wrapped up by 8:45pm.  Oh yea, bring friends too :-)

If you’ve got questions, reel free to text me at 408-309-9975 or email me at

See ya in two :-)

Peace, Tom

Bonfire @ Tom’s House

Well my friends,

This whole dead bus thing is getting pretty old :-(  But, as all good flexible Bethel Youth do, we flex and work with what we’ve got.  So, we are moving the beach bonfire event to my house this coming Wednesday, August 12th @ 6:30pm.

Downside:  No crashing waves, no sand in your food, no big roaring fire, no glass to cut your foot on, no killer sunset, no going potty in questionable cubicles.

Upside:  Same great group of peeps, more options for food, still a chance to hang out and  share stories, Smores still abound, more peeps can join us, a bonfire in the back yard.

Just bring yourself, some friends, some meat or meat substitute to grill, and $5 to my house at 6:30.  We’ll have a great bbq, chat it up and finish with ice cream sundaes.  We’ll be all wrapped up by 9:00pm. 

Please let me know if you can come by texting me at 408-309-9975 or emailing me at  See ya in a couple :-)

Peace, Tom


Summer BBQ this Wednesday

Hi Friends,

Come to Bethel this coming Wednesday, July 29th at 6:30pm for a “BYOMOMS,AD” BBQ.  Yes, that means “bring your own meat or meat substitute, and drinks” and we’ll grill it up.  I’ll get chips and some salad things as well.

After dinner, we’ll spend some time catching up on life this summer and then head out on a little walk to Yogurtland for some evening “cool”.  All you need to bring is your meat, drinks, money for yogurt and a friend or two.  Should be fun!

Yes, you guessed it:  The Bus is still in the Shop :-)

Next week, if all goes well, we’ll be out on our Annual River Float.  I hope to be able to give a definitive “yes” this Wednesday.  Please text me at 408-309-9975 and let me know if you can make it :-)

Peace, Tom

Change of plan for tomorrow

Hi Friends,

Well, the bus is having another tantrum and doesn’t want to start again.  I will be towing it to the Ford Dealer again and hope to have it fixed for good :-)

This does mess up our Boardwalk outing, so we will postpone that until we have transportation again.  In the meantime, we will gather at my house at 6:30pm for a good old fashioned hot dog and hamburger bbq.  Bring $5 and you won’t go away hungry.  We’ll spend some time eating, chatting, hanging out and trying to stay cool.  Oh yea, I think ice cream sundaes are in order too.

I’ll also give out our summer event schedule tomorrow night as well.  Please text or email me by tomorrow noon if you think you can make it.  Let me know if you need directions too :-)

Peace, Tom