happy spring break

Hola amigos,

As many of you know we will be in mexico for the next few days so we will be not meeting on Wednesday the 16th. Also since we will be in mexico this sunday we wont be having official sunday school but rather spending time in torvend experiencing the cedar meal. If you’re in town I highly recommend going and trying the different food :) also last friendly reminder we will not be having common ground practice on the 14th but we will need all hands on deck for prep work for Easter breakfast on Saturday the 19th as well as practicing for the sunrise service. Anyways we hope everyone has a fantastic break or just week in general :) the following Wednesday the 23rd we will be hitting up the movies and watching Noah so mark your calendar for that. .. feel free to contact tom or one of the youth assistants if you have anymore questions or  need details.

Love your #amazing youth assistants,

Rachel, Mel, and Charlotte

We Trust in You

Greetings friends,
We are very excited to be hosting our own Trust Extravaganza! But first we will be slurping up some yummy pho, so be sure to be at Bethel at 5:30 and bring $10 for dinner. Next week we will be departing from San Diego so we will not having a fun Wednesday adventure.
If you are not in Mexico this Sunday then we highly encourage you to go to cedar meal at 9:40!
We trust to see you soon,
Your loving youth assistants,
Your friends,
Charlotte Rachel and Mel (:

who let the dogs out?

Hey friendly friends,

This Wednesday the 26th we’ll be heading over to the happy hound and dining on some delicious hot dogs. We will be meeting at bethel at 5:30. You’ll need about $7 for this amazing eating experience. After enjoying a happy hound we will be heading over to Tom’s dog house to watch the inspirational story of G-dog. This is something you won’t want to miss out on. The next week we’ll be having a discussion with Patrice (Bailey’s mom) so definitely join us for that.  hope to see you soon. :)

Love a youth groups best  friend,

Charlotte,  Rachel,  and Mel

Woooh Lasers!

Hey guys!
This Wednesday we are going out to eat at a mongolian BBQ place ($11) and then going for some laser tag ($10)! We will be meeting in the youth room at 5:30, please bring $25 for the night, we look forward to seeing you guy! We will be having Sunday school at 9:50 as always and Common Ground next Monday at 7:15. Then, next Wendesday we are going to Happy Hound for dinner and then having a discussion at Toms house.
Love you all,
Mel Rachel Charlotte :)

Mission to Mexico info night!!!!

Hola Amigos,

Good job singing for common ground on sunday!!!!! This wednesday the 12th we will be having our mission to mexico info night. Before discussing details about the trip we will be heading over to freebirds burrito at 5:30 and eating a delicious meal. Bring about $10 for dinner. We will begin talking about the trip at 7:15 in the youth room so bring your parents so they can get the details. This is an amazing trip to be a part of so definitely come out to hear about it. The following week we’ll be going to get mongolian bbq and play laser quest so mark your calendar for that. Hope to see you all soon :)

Adios love,

Mel, Rachel, and Charlotte