Fun stuff comin’ up

Sunday we’ll be talking about thankfulness!

Wednesday starting at 5:30 we’ll be eating at the sandwhich spot and going to pie fest at the church!! Don’t miss out on the pie 😎

Wednesday the 29th we’ll be going to Quickly for dinner and picking up

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Next Wednesday

Hey kiddos!

Next Wednesday Tom will be back in town!!! (YAY!) We will be having a discussion about how to be a good listener and communicator from 7:15-8:30. Arrive at 5:15 at Bethel and bring $15-20. We will be having dinner at Gombei (Japanese food) before hand. Hope to see you guys there!

-Lindsey and Teague 😁

Coming Up 😎

We’re missing Tom Wednesday and Sunday 🙁 But we’ll still have fun!!

This Wednesday 6:15-8:30 we’ll be seeing a Buddhist representative in the fireside room. Bring a friend and $5 for food!

Sunday is Bethel’s 60th Anniversary! We’ll be talking with Molly at 9:45 and then get to have some good food and participate in the festivities!

Next Wednesday is going to be so exciting!! We’re making blankets and watching a movie! We will also be going to Main Street Cupertino for dinner. Bring $20 for food 😎

See y’all soon!!

-Teague and Lindsey 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

Buckets buckets and moooore buckets


We’re going to be working on more buckets this sunday so dont miss out!

Wednesday the 25th, we’ll be going to second harvest food bank! That means we’ll be leaving at 5:15 exactly so don’t be late!! make sure you wear shirts with sleeves (no tanks… im lookin at you tom), close toed shoes, and pants (no shorts) . Also bring 10-25$ for dinner.

The Sunday after that (the 29th) we will be loading up Tom’s trailor with buckets so we would love your help!


Can’t wait to see yall tonight

-Teague 😎😎😎

Relief Kit Fun Time!!

This Sunday we will be making relief kits for hurricane victims. It will be super fun and a great way to get involved!

Next Wednesday we will be postponing the conversation on getting involved with your community to actually do it! We will meet at 5:30 and work on finishing up our hurricane relief kits. We will still be getting poke at Aloha Fresh so bring $15 for a yummy dinner 😀

-Teague (the best youth assistant there has ever been and ever will be)

Upcoming Events

Hello peeps! Make sure to come to church this Sunday, October 8th to talk with Marianne about the upcoming National Youth gathering in Houston! We will be going over important information so please stop by the youth room during Sunday School Hours to hear all about it.

ALSO: Don’t forget that we have a super fun outing planned for next Wednesday at the ABC Tree Farms pumpkin patch in San Jose! Meet at Bethel at 5:30 with $20 to spend.


-Lindsey 🙂

Wednesday Nights Coming Up:

Attention! The activities on October 4th have been postponed due to the absence of Tom and Teague. We will resume our regular Wednesday night extravaganzas the following week on October 11th with a fun outing to the ABC Tree Farms pumpkin patch in San Jose. Bring $20 for dinner and pumpkin patch festivities (bouncy houses, slides, etc.). Meet at Bethel at 5:30.

On Wednesday the 18th we will be getting dinner at Aloha Fresh, a tasty Poke place on Stevens Creek. Afterwards we will be having a discussion on how to get involved with your community. (We might also get the chance to help create flood relief kits for victims of the recent hurricanes). We will also be meeting at Bethel first at 5:30.

We also have the chance to volunteer at the Second Harvest Food Bank on Wednesday the 25th! So keep your calendars open so you have a chance to be a part of this awesome opportunity. If you are interested, come to Bethel at 5:15. (You also will get two hours of community service.) 😉

There’s a lot of cool stuff coming up and we don’t want you to miss out! Hope to see you all soon. 🙂

<3 Lindsey and Teague

Upcoming Wednesday Nights B)

All high school youth:

Come join us next Wednesday (Sept 27) to make your own pizza and talk about privilege. Meet up at Bethel at 5:30 and bring $15 if you can! Hope to see you there. (We love and miss you)

The following Wednesday (Oct 4) we’ll be lacking a Tom 🙁 but we’ll still have fun! We’ll walk to Main Street Cupertino and have dinner (bring $15-20) then come back and play some board games! Bring your favorite game!


Hope to see ya kiddos soon

<3 Lindsey and Teague

New Year – New Youth Assistants

Yo! Lindsey and Teague here! We’re super excited to be your new youth assistants for the 2017-18 school year.

This year we really want to focus on fun, exciting activities to strengthen our relationships with each other, and in depth discussions to better understand and interact with the world around us.

We’re keeping with the Bethel culture of inclusivity and acceptance, so please feel free to bring your high school age friends, we’d love to meet them!


We hope to see you today at 5:30 to get dinner at Mitsuwa (awesome Japanese food) and come back to Bethel to discuss authority.

<3 Lindsey and Teague

Houston Youth Gathering Meeting

Hello all you lovely bethel youth!

Tonight we’re having our first meeting for the 2018 National Youth Gathering in Houston! Bring your parents, $10-15 for dinner, and (as Tom would say) a great attitude! We’ll meet at 5:30 in the youth room, go to El Amigo Burrito for dinner, and come back to hear from Maryanne about the gathering.

Save the date, next wednesday (Sept 20) at 5:30, we’ll be going to Mitsuwa for dinner, by back by 7:15, having a discussion about when to respect or question authority, and finishing up at 8:30!

Be there or be square!

– Your new favorite youth assistant, Teague 😎