April 21st Common Ground Announcments

Hi Friends,

I want to give a special thanks to Sam and Minnie Sudarsanam for heading up the Easter Breakfast yesterday and to all the parents and sponsors who lent a hand or two as well !!!!  It was a great day :-)

Here are the announcements for tonight’s Common Ground.  A special note is Saturday, May 3rd:  Car Wash, BBQ & Chess Tournament.  Please try and be around that day to lend a hand.  I am still looking for parents to head up each of these three areas.  Check out the announcements for details and as always, call (408-309-9975) or email (to----@------.net) me to get more info.

Peace, Tom

April 21st Common Ground Announcements (50.9 KiB)

This Upcoming Week

Hey guys!
This Wednesday, January 15th, we will be eating at Five guys and having an informational meeting about the Western States Youth Gathering, so please bring your parents!! We are leaving for dinner at 5:30 and we will be back at Bethel by 7:15 and bring $10 for food.
As always we will be having Sunday school this Sunday BUT AT 9:50!! Times have changed so we will no longer be meeting at 9:30 but we meet at 9:50 instead and we will be starting The Story.
Next Wednesday we will be the “You have the floor” discussion where everyone has 30 seconds to discuss anything they wish, and as always your friends are welcome!!
Love always,
Mel Rachel Charlotte

Parent info night for western states youth gathering

hey parents,

i Know you might have seen the other post but on wednesday the 15th we will be having a information night  for the western states youth gathering and your attendance will be greatly appreciated. We will be discussing the details of the event as well as the fundraisers and other opportunities that will come throughout the year leading up to the event itself. We will start discussing at 7:15 on this night and i hope you can all make it :) its an amazing event to be a part of and send your kids to! We will definitely need your help with all of these events.

See you soon,

-Mel, Rachel, and Charlotte

This upcoming week…

Hi Friends!
This next Wednesday, 9/18 at 6:00, we will have a BBQ and ice cream sundaes with the youth and parents, you don’t need to bring any money, it’s our treat! We will discuss this upcoming year, and we will learn critical information for the Western States Youth Gathering. Make sure to come, it will be tons of fun! If anyone is interested in helping make food, that will begin at 5:00.
Next Wednesday, the 25th at 5:30, everyone is invited to bring their own dinner and we will have the Dr. Phil, Jesus, or me discussion. This event is super fun so don’t miss out!
As always, the youth room will be open at 3:00 for anyone who wants to work on homework before youth group!
Lots of Love,
Mel, Charlotte, and Rachel

This Upcoming Week!

Hey guys!
This Wednesday, the 11th, at 5:30 we are buying ourselves some Togo’s sandwiches and heading up to Shoreline! We will be discussing our futures and also enjoying the beautiful atmosphere! You may want to bring a jacket and $10. Next week, on the 18th at 6PM, we will have our annual parent night BBQ , where we will eat good food and play friendly games. We’ll especially be talking about the 2014 Western States Youth Gathering.
Another upcoming event is Nadia Bolz Webber speaking in San Francisco, that will be on this Sunday the 15th and we will be meeting at 2PM. If you want to go make sure you sign up in the youth room for the bus and register on the website at http://lifeinthetrinityministry.com/pastrixbooktour/registernow to get your free ticket. Make sure to print the registration page!
This coming Sunday, make sure to come to the Ministry Fair at 9:30 to hang out with us at the youth booth. Free donut holes too (:
Also, we would like to remind you that we open the youth room at 3 on Wednesday afternoons so that you guys can come and do your homework with us, and we highly recommend that you come and try it out!
Love to see you soon!
Mel, Charlotte, and Rachel