Mexico & Laser Quest!!!

Hey everyone!

This Wednesday 3/4/15 we will be meeting at 5:30 in the youth room. Then we will be heading to Freebirds for dinner so bring around $10. Then at 7:00 we will be back at the youth room and we will be talking about the Mission to Mexico Trip! Make sure to bring at least one of your parents so they can get the scoop about Mexico!

Also, next WEdnesday 3/11/15 we will be meeting at 5:30 in the youth room. Then we will be heading out to Togos for Dinner and then we will head out and play some Laser Quest! *pew* *pew* Bring around $20 for Food and Fun!

Don’t Forget about this Friday and Saturday 3/6,7/15 will be our kick-off retreat, hope to see all of you there!!!

Also be sure to come to Sunday School at 9:45 in the youth room. There will be donut holes!

March 2nd Common Ground Announcements

Here you go my friends!

The Common Ground Announcements for this eve.  Please note that we have a big weekend coming up:  Our Kickoff Retreat this Friday & Saturday, singing in church on Sunday, and a Parent Meeting next Monday night.  Also of note is the Mission to Mexico Info Meeting this coming Wednesday night, March 4th.  Read ‘em :-)

Peace, Tom

March 2nd Common Ground Announcements (28.5 KiB)

Discussion, Mexico, and Kickoff!!!

Greetings, Salutations, Hello!

This Wednesday night 2/25/15 we will be meeting in the youth room at 5:30 and we will be heading to the Safeway shopping center for dinner (Sandwich Spot, Panda Express, etc.) Bring around $10-15. After dinner we will be heading back to the youth room for a discussion on whatever topics you guys come up with :-).  If you can’t make it for dinner but would like to attend the discussion you can come back to the youth room at around 7:00.

Mission to Mexico!!! There will be an informational meeting on Wednesday March 4th at 7:15. :)  Don’t forget your passport! Before the informational meeting we will be going out to FreeBirds for dinner at 5:30 and we will be meeting in the youth room.

On March 6th and 7th we will be having our Common Ground Kickoff Retreat!!! :D we will meet on friday at 7:15 in the fireside room and we will be finished on Saturday at 4:30.

Monterey Outing! :D

Hey everyone! Unfortunately due to the lack of snow, the winter retreat has been cancelled :(. So instead, This Friday 2/20/15 we will be going to Monterey for the day!!! :D We will meet in the youth room at 10:30 A.M. and we will get back whenever we decide. WE will be going to cannery row and having a 17 mile drive. Bring around $30.00-$40.00 for food and fun. Hope to see all of you there!

Winter Events!

Hey Everyone! This Wednesday 12/17/14 is a Christmas Program at 5:30 P.M. and we are meeting in the youth room. Bring your own dinner.

Next Wednesday 12/24/14 there will not be a Wednesday night outing.

On Sunday 12/21/14 will be the skating, pizza, and caroling outing from 2-7 P.M.

On Tuesday 12/23/14 will be the San Francisco walking tour from 8:30-5:30 bring money for breakfast and lunch.

Also we have received a note from out International Compassion child that we have been supporting for a few years new:

Dear Bethel Lutheran Youth Group,

Hi! It’s such a joy for me as I take my pen to write you this letter. How are you, your family, your activities, and your health keeping? How is school going? My family and I are doing great thanks to God. I feel very glad to tell you that I passed from grade 7 into grade 8 at school. I’m trying harder so that I can pass the first term test. I love you very much. Please pray for me and my family.


If you have any questions call us at these numbers. Thank You!

Tom (408) 309-9975 Emilie (408) 781-7386 Spencer (408) 206-2343