Ice Skating Fun

Hello wonderful people!
Just a reminder that we shall be ice skating, caroling, and pizza tomorrow, 12/22 at 2:00 pm. Hope to see everyone there!
Your lovely youth assistants,
Charlotte, Rachel, Mel

This upcoming week…

Hi Friends!
This next Wednesday, 9/18 at 6:00, we will have a BBQ and ice cream sundaes with the youth and parents, you don’t need to bring any money, it’s our treat! We will discuss this upcoming year, and we will learn critical information for the Western States Youth Gathering. Make sure to come, it will be tons of fun! If anyone is interested in helping make food, that will begin at 5:00.
Next Wednesday, the 25th at 5:30, everyone is invited to bring their own dinner and we will have the Dr. Phil, Jesus, or me discussion. This event is super fun so don’t miss out!
As always, the youth room will be open at 3:00 for anyone who wants to work on homework before youth group!
Lots of Love,
Mel, Charlotte, and Rachel

Wednesday Parental Unit Orientation (9/14)

Hello my beautiful cherubs.

Please accept this cordial invitation to join Tom, Michael, Megan, Hannah, Molly, Marianne, Susan, Robyn, Jeanine, Carol and me as we gear up for this coming year. We will be having dinner at 6. Dinner will be followed by a presentation about all the upcoming events for this year. This includes information about Wildside (6th, 7th and 8th Fellowship), Confirmation (7th and 8th Classes), Affirmation of Baptism (9th grade Confirmation), Wednesday night Fellowship (Sr. High), Ski trip (Sr. High), Common Ground (Sr. High), Mission to Mexico (Sr. High), and the National Youth Gathering (Sr. High). It’s all very confusing, I know, but that is why were are having this meeting. :) To make sure Michael doesn’t end up getting Confirmed again (even if he may need it) and to make sure Erin doesn’t end up having a discussion on the stresses of college apps (even if the saying is the earlier the better).

Anyway, all students (6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th) please bring all parental/other guardian type units (moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandmothers, fairy godmothers, etc.) and join us for an exciting informational meeting filled with hamburgers, hotdogs, games and a wonderful introduction to NOW.


Your lovely youth assistants,

Tyler, Megan, Michael, Hannah

P.S. RSVP to Tom by calling Bethel at 408-252-8500 X113 or by sending an email to

SIS: Spring Info & Spaghetti

Hi Friends,

All Jr & Sr High students & parents are invited to our 2011 Spring Info & Spaghetti night: SIS! Come join us on Wednesday, February 9th at 6:30pm for some good grub, a chance to learn a bit about each other, as well as what Bethel’s got going on for our Jr & Sr High peeps these coming months.

We’ll meet in Torvend Hall for a pasta feast and then talk about the programs for JR High, SR High youth and even something for the parental types. Some specific events will include Rock ‘n Water for the JH crowd, and Common Ground, Mission to Mexico, and the Western States Youth Gathering for the SR Highers.

Please RSVP to your youth contact if you can make it so we can plan for enough eats! The best way is to email me at

Peace, Tom

Upcoming Events

Wed. the 14th:
7p.m. Bethel School Christmas Program & Yogurtland(bring money)

Sun the 19th:
9: 30 A talk about Christmas traditions
12-7p.m. Skating & Caroling
Who: All Jr Highers, Sr Highers, and College Age+
Where: Meet in the Bethel Pk Lot –>Winter Lodge in Palo Alto–> Caroling–>Pizza @ Tony & Alba’s on Steven’s Creek
How Much: $20
Sign up in the youth room or on Facebook

Wed the 22nd:
Who: Sr. High & Alumni
Where: Meet in the Bethel Pk Lot –>SF–>Home :)
What to Bring: around 20 dollars to cover food and transportation, more if you want to shop, and walking shoes (a jacket would be nice too!)
Sign up in the youth room or on Facebook

Jackie and Kenzie

Put things in a much more fun perspective, as oppose to Jackie’s bureaucratic approach. Tomorrow, Wednesday the 12th, we will be viewing a rocking performance from the Bethel School program. All the coolest kids will be in attendance, so make sure you don’t miss out.
On Sunday, we will be discussing different Christmas traditions. Those who are in attendance will have the privilege of hearing all of my wacky traditions.
Later that Sunday we will be doing our ever-famous Ice Skating/Caroling/Pizzing Extravaganza
This you will most certainly shouldn’t miss, as you would be missing out on a defining moment for your young lives.
Finally, the San Francisco Walking tour will be taking place on the 22nd. I do not know but about this event but I can tell you that walking will be involved, most likely in San Francisco. We will be departing at 8 am. Boring details are listed for all said events listed above.

Hope to see everybody there

Jeff (only Jeff)