March 30th Common Ground Announcements

Hi Friends,

Welcome to Holy Week!  Make sure to take time out to journey through the Last Supper, Good Friday and into Easter.  As Common Ground, we have the honor of leading worship Sunday early at Memorial Park and then serving breakfast at Bethel.  Should be great!  Check out the announcements and let me know if you have questions.

Peace, Tom

March 30th Common Ground Announcements (28.1 KiB)

March 23rd Common Ground Announcements

Hello Peeps and Parentals :-)

Here is the pdf for tonight’s Common Ground Announcements.  I have a special request for one or two families to be the host for the Easter Breakfast coming up in two weeks.  The Sudarsanam’s have handed me the binder and I would love to give several of you the chance to co-lead this fun event.  I do all the shopping and have everything ready to go for the volunteers to prep on Saturday, April 4th and serve on Easter Sunday, April 5th.

Your job is to help heard the process.  It is pretty easy but also very important.  It is also impossible for me to do because of the many other responsibilities I have on those days.  I am physically here, but will be busy with lot’s of things.  Please email me at or call me on my cell at 408-309-9975 for questions and to say “Yes”.  Really, it is pretty fun to do it with two or three parents.

Peace, Tom

March 23rd Common Ground Announcements (28.2 KiB)

A little medical heads up

Hi friends,

We found out that one of our youth has a case of pertussis.  The individual was at Common Ground and Sunday School last week and I want to let you know in case your youth is experiencing any of the symptoms including a cough that just won’t quit.  The affected youth is on antibiotics and doing just fine.  Let’s keep taking care of ourselves and each other :-)

Peace, Tom

March 9th Common Ground Announcements

Hi CG, CG Parentals, and Fans of CG!

Well, tonight is our 2015 CG Parent’s Night and I hope we can have at least one parent with us tonight @ 7:15pm to get the scoop on this year’s Common Ground Season.  We will meet  to talk about rehearsals, theme, and touch on our tour.  This is a great opportunity for you to get the info you need to manage schedules and finances related to Bethel Youth.  I will also touch briefly on Mission to Mexico and the 15 Detroit Gathering and we’ll update you on our Web/Text/Facebook Communications.  Looking forward to tonight.

Peace, Tom

Here’s the pdf of the announcements  March 9th Common Ground Announcements (28.3 KiB)