March 2nd Common Ground Announcements

Here you go my friends!

The Common Ground Announcements for this eve.  Please note that we have a big weekend coming up:  Our Kickoff Retreat this Friday & Saturday, singing in church on Sunday, and a Parent Meeting next Monday night.  Also of note is the Mission to Mexico Info Meeting this coming Wednesday night, March 4th.  Read ‘em :-)

Peace, Tom

March 2nd Common Ground Announcements (28.5 KiB)

Discussion, Mexico, and Kickoff!!!

Greetings, Salutations, Hello!

This Wednesday night 2/25/15 we will be meeting in the youth room at 5:30 and we will be heading to the Safeway shopping center for dinner (Sandwich Spot, Panda Express, etc.) Bring around $10-15. After dinner we will be heading back to the youth room for a discussion on whatever topics you guys come up with :-).  If you can’t make it for dinner but would like to attend the discussion you can come back to the youth room at around 7:00.

Mission to Mexico!!! There will be an informational meeting on Wednesday March 4th at 7:15. :)  Don’t forget your passport! Before the informational meeting we will be going out to FreeBirds for dinner at 5:30 and we will be meeting in the youth room.

On March 6th and 7th we will be having our Common Ground Kickoff Retreat!!! :D we will meet on friday at 7:15 in the fireside room and we will be finished on Saturday at 4:30.

Feb 23rd, Common Ground Announcements

Hello CG’ers and friends & parents of CG,

Here is a pdf of the announcements for tonight.  Lot’s of important dates and info for you to put on your calendars.  Of special note is the CG Kickoff Retreat coming up as well as the Detroit Dinner, and Mission to Mexico.  Please contact me on my cell (408-309-9975) or at with questions or comments.

Peace, Tom

February 23rd CG Announcements (28.3 KiB)

Common Ground 2015

Hi Friends,

Well, tomorrow night, February 9th, is what we’ve been waiting for the past 7 months.  It is the 2015 Common Ground Kickoff Night.  If you are in Sr High, you don’t want to miss out.  Come join us in the Music and Education room at 7:15pm to get it started.  

Common Ground is for all:  Singers, actors, techies, and you!  Our theme for this year is “Light in the Darkness” and we are going to put together an awesome program and tour.  Don’t miss out.

See ya tomorrow!   Tom