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Bethel Youth Summer Fun!

Hi Friends,

Hope you’ve been having a great summer!  Here’s the scoop on the upcoming Wednesday night events sponsored by the Bethel Youth Department.  Please try and let me know which events you can make it on so we can plan ahead and save you a spot.  Go ahead and email be at or text me at 408-309-9975.  For the River Float, click on the link below and sign up via  All events are open to friends as well so we’d love to see you and them 🙂

Peace, Tom

Wednesday, July 19th from 6:30pm – 9:00pm:  BBQ at Tom’s House  (Yummy Chicken, Sausages, Salads, Drinks, Chips, Desserts, and time to hang out at chat).  Bring $5 if you’ve got it 🙂

Wednesday, July 26th from 5:30pm – 9:00pm:  A super cool Tech Night at Fuji Film hosted by Jules Kurtz (Cameron’s Dad).  We’ll leave Bethel at 5:30 to grab some food on our way the Fuji Factory where we will have a chance to experience first hand some of the coolest tech advances anywhere.  If you have any interested in Tech or just how things work, this is definitely the night for you.  Just bring $ for dinner on the way.

Wednesday, August 2nd:  We will plan this day this coming Wednesday at the BBQ 🙂

Wednesday, August 9th from 7:00am – 7:00pm:  Our 33rd annual River Float to the American River is on and the River is Awesome!  The cost is only $40 and I would love for you to sign up on the page at   I’m attaching a pdf of the info sheet for you as well

So, lot’s of things to do and memories to build.  Come join us as we celebrate the summer 🙂

2017 River Float Fact Sheet (234.0 KiB)
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Youth Assistant Application :-)

Hi Friends,
So, for the past 33 years, Bethel has hired one to four seniors in high school as Youth Assistants to serve Christ through our youth program. I am excited to tell you that we are taking applications for this position this coming week and hope to have the selection(s) made very soon. If you are a senior and are interested, here is what I need from you:
1. A letter telling me why you would like to serve as a youth assistant, what gifts you would bring to the position, a specific event or activity you would like to see us do, a topic you think we should discuss, and a suggestion as to how we can improve our ministry.
2. I would like to see an example of your creativity. This can be in writing, a video, drawing, song, food, or you tell me :-)
3. A letter from one of your parents saying that they would support you in this position.

No pressure! Remember, you have been applying all along 🙂

I would like to have the applications in by next Sunday, June 23rd. Go ahead and print them off an find me next Sunday am. This is going to be a great year!!

Peace, Tom

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Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Outing

Beach Boardwalk Outing 🙂

 This event is for youth in Middle School and up.  We will meet at Bethel at noon and then head over to Santa Cruz where we will spend the afternoon at the Beach and Boardwalk.  Unlimited ride wrist bands are $36 or you can pay per ride.  My suggestion is that you bring $25 – $30 for food and a few rides.  Please make sure to sign up through the sign app to save your spot.  Just go to the following link:       All friends are welcome!

Peace, Tom

May 15th Common Ground Announcements

Hi Friends,

Tonight is our Tour Mtg for all Common Ground Parents!  Please try and make it if you possibly can.  I’m attaching a pdf of tonight’s CG Announcements will all the cool stuff for the coming weeks.  Please call me at 408-309-9975 or email me at with questions or comments.  See ya in a few hours 🙂

Peace, Tom

May 15th CG Annoucements (26.8 KiB)

May 8th Common Ground Announcements

Hello CG’ers and Parentals!

Here is an attached pdf of tonight’s CG Announcements.  Of special note is the “CG Tour” Parent info night next Monday, May 15th during the regularly scheduled CG practice time.  Please feel free to email me at or call me on my cell at 408-309-9975

Peace, Tom

May 8th CG Announcements (27.2 KiB)  

April 17th Common Ground Announcements

Hey CG and CG Parentals!

What a great weekend.  Thanks to all of you for your efforts to make yesterday yummy and meaningful!!  A special Shout Out to Matt Santos for taking the lead on the Breakfast!  So many compliments from the congregation 🙂

Here is a pdf of tonight’s CG Announcements.  Please check them out and add them to your calendars as there are some important dates coming up.  Also, I’m still looking for some bookings in Central and Northern Oregon.  Please let me know ASAP if you have a suggestion.  Now, check it out!

Peace, Tom

April 17th Common Ground Announcements (27.7 KiB)

April 3rd Common Ground Announcements

Jesus is Coming my Friends – We better get ready!

In the attempt to do that, I’m giving you the latest and greatest from the youth department, including Common Ground.  Please check out the announcements and get ready to dig in and help 😆   Any questions or comments, please call me at 40-309-9975 or email me at

Peace, Tom

April 3rd, Common Ground Announcements (28.0 KiB)