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March 6th Common Ground & Announcements

Hey CG peeps,

Tonight is a special Common Ground night in that parents are invited to come and check out what we do and get the scoop for the 2017 CG Season.  I’ll be handing out Info Packets and answering lots of questions.  Also, here’s the announcement sheet for tonight.  Lots of important stuff 🙂  Feel free to call me at 408-309-9975 or email me at with any questions.

Peace, Tom

March 6th CG Announcements (28.0 KiB)

February 13th Common Ground Announcements

Hi Friends,

We’ll, Common Ground kicked off last Monday and we are excited about this season 🙂  Each week, I will post a pdf of the announcements that I hand out to CG’ers.  This is an important sheet with the latest up to date info on all things Sr High Youth related.  I am also attaching a pdf of the 2017 CG Schedule for you.  If you got one last week, there is already one date change :-/  The first time CG sings in church is Sunday, March 19th (not the 12th).  The new schedule already has that update.

Please feel free to call or email with comments and questions.  My cell is 408-309-9975 and my email is 🙂

Peace, Tom

Feb 13, 2017 CG Announcements (28.7 KiB) 2017 Common Ground Schedule (298.6 KiB)

Update for Wed the 11th

Great Post Skyler!

This Wednesday, we’ll meet at Bethel at 5:30 and take the Bethel Bus to the El Paseo shopping center for dinner. Afterward, we’ll come back to Bethel for a discussion. We should wrap up around 8:30. Bring money for dinner, hope to see you there!!

I have one cool addition:  Our Bethel School Principal, Dawn and her boys will be joining us for dinner at El Paseo 🙂  Dawn will also be with us for our discussion and share what it is like to transplant from Chicago and to be a bi-racial leader in our community.  She is a wonderful person with a great heart and story.  Make sure to join us this Wednesday.

Peace, Tom

Western States Youth Gathering – Sign up Countdown

Hello Bethel Peeps,

I want to let you know that on Wednesday, September 28th we will give the scoop and get the ball rolling for the Western States Youth Gathering.  At 5:30pm we will head to dinner at the El Paseo Shopping Center (can you say, Panda, Rubio’s, Melt, Veggie Grill …).  We will be back at Bethel at 7:15 to talk about this coming year’s Western States Youth Gathering

We will share details about the event, talk about fundraising, and sign you up.  The theme is “Dream Big” which came out of a brainstorm session where I lifted up many of the things we do here at Bethel 🙂  Check out the event website at  All 9th – 12th graders are encouraged to attend.  You won’t be sorry 🙂

Please bring your parents and a check for $100 to get the ball rolling.  Registration opens on Monday, October 3rd and the earlier we sign up, the better rooming we get.  If you can’t make it that night, please let me know so I can hook you up!  My email is and you can always call/text me at 408-309-9975.

Peace, Tom

Sunday School & Game Night

Hi Friends,

Well, normally Skyler would be writing you, but she is still hitting the big apple (NYC) and will be back tomorrow 🙂  Here are some upcoming things for you to check out:

Sunday School kicks off tomorrow, Sunday the 11th at 9:45am in the Youth Room.  We’ll get a glimpse of our plan for this coming year.  Come check in and check it out!  Oh yeah, donut holes too 🙂

This coming Wednesday the 14th it is one of our favorites:  Game Night!  Come at 5:30pm with some dinner you snagged from home and a few $’s for a walk over to Cream after we game it up.  We will be all wrapped up by 8:30pm.

Looking forward to seeing you.  Have a super week!!!

Peace, Tom

Youth Kickoff BBQ

Hey Friends,

This coming Wednesday night is a “don’t miss” night here at Bethel.  Our Youth Ministry will be hosting a BBQ & Ice Cream Sundae night including some fun mixers and the scoop for the coming year.  We will gather on Wednesday, August 24th at 6:30pm and be all wrapped up at 8:30pm.  All Jr High – Sr High Youth, Parents and friends are invited.  Some info highlights include info on next year’s Western States Youth Gathering, weekly events, our stellar confirmation program, and much more.  Please let me know via email at or text me at 408-309-9975 to let me know how many you are bringing.

See ya in a few,  Tom Hoegel – Youth Director

End of the Summer Pizza Night

Hi all Sr High Friends!

Come join us tomorrow night, August 17th for an end of the year Pizza Night.  We’ll meet at Bethel at 5:30pm, head over to my house and return to Bethel by 8:30pm.  We’ll eat, drink, chat and finish the eve with some Ice Cream Sundaes.  Please let me know if you can make it by shooting me a text at 408-309-9975.  All friends are welcome 🙂

Peace, Tom

Youth Assistant Application

Hi Friends,
So, for the past 32 years, Bethel has hired one to four seniors in high school as Youth Assistants to serve Christ through our youth program. I am excited to tell you that we are taking applications for this position this coming week and hope to have the selection(s) made very soon. If you are a senior and are interested, here is what I need from you:
1. A letter telling me why you would like to serve as a youth assistant, what gifts you would bring to the position, a specific event or activity you would like to see us do, a topic you think we should discuss, and a suggestion as to how we can improve our ministry.
2. I would like to see an example of your creativity. This can be in writing, a video, drawing, song, food, or you tell me :-)
3. A letter from one of your parents saying that they would support you in this position.

No pressure! Remember, you have been applying all along 🙂

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