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Fresh Choice & Care Packages

Hey youth!

This Wednesday, we will be meeting here at Bethel at 5:30 for an exciting evening. We’ll drive over to Fresh Choice to have some dinner, and then we’re going to go shopping for things to put in care packages for our recently-departed youth who are now freshmen in college. It’s going to be loads of fun and we can’t wait to have you come on our little shopping spree with us!

Just a reminder- there is no Common Ground this Monday.

There are still three spots left for our ski trip next weekend!! We’ll be meeting at Bethel at 3 on Friday and we should be back late Sunday afternoon. The trip will cost just $50. We hope you can come! Sign ups are in the youth room, or feel free to contact a youth assistant if you want to go or need more information.

Thanks so much! We hope to see you all soon!

Lots of Love,

the assistants

Social Justice & El Salvador


Hey youthers!

This Wednesday night, meet us at 5:30 in the Fireside room to have dinner with Fun with Faith. Bring a few dollars for some delicious El Salvadorian food, and then we will listen to Pastor Gabi talk about El Salvador, the Civil War there, and activism. It will be very interesting and we can’t wait to see you all there ;).

ALSO, we have some VERY exciting news to deliver!! This coming Monday, February 1, is our COMMON GROUND KICKOFF MEETING!!!!!!!! We absolutely CANNOT wait to have an amazing year on tour and get started on all the work we have to do (by “work” we mean fun stuff. I promise.). More information is coming, but MARK YOUR CALENDARS for NEXT MONDAY at 7:15. We’ll be somewhere around the fireside room. 😀🙌🙏🎸🎼🎤G E T. P U M P E D.

-the assistants

Chick-fil-A & Community Service

Hello high school youths!

This Wednesday (January 20th) we are going to Chick-fil-A or surrounding eateries before helping out at 2nd Harvest Food Bank. Meet at Bethel at 5:15, we should return around 9pm. Bring about $10 for food and wear closed toed shoes, shirt with sleeves and pants for 2nd Harvest (they have a dress code and you get lame jobs if you don’t follow it). Hope to see you all there! It’s a great opportunity to help out our community.

Next Wednesday (January 27th) mark your calendars for an awesome night at Bethel hearing about Pastor Gabi’s trip to El Salvador. We will meet at 5:30, have dinner at fresh choice and return to Bethel to hear all of her stories.

As you can see, we have some cool events in the works and we hope to see y’all there!

Have a great week!

-the assistants of the youth ✌ 🌽 🍗 👟


Breakfast & Beats

Hey youthers!

This Wednesday, we will be meeting at church at 5:30 for a great evening. We will start it off by going to Holder’s for some breakfast (bring $15!) and then back to Bethel to listen to your favorite beats. Everyone should have their favorite song ready to play on your phone and a printout of the lyrics. We’ll plug it in to speakers, listen to it, and discuss the lyrics. We’re super excited to hear what you’re into.

Next week, January 20th, we will be doing service at Second Harvest Food Bank. Mark your calendars and remember to wear closed toed shoes.

Hope to see you Wednesday!

With love,

your youth assistants  ✌  🌠 🎧

Nachos and New Years

Hola Amigos!

This Wednesday, meet us at 5:30 in the youth room to join us for dinner and a discussion! We’ll take the bus over to Iguana’s Burritos and then come back to the youth room for a discussion about the new year and what we plan to do with it. We can’t wait to see you there!

Lots of Love,

the assistants of the youth

A Series of Fortunate Events

Hey everyone! We have some awesome plans for the next two weeks for our youth group.

First of all, this Wednesday, the 16th, we will be attending the Bethel School Christmas production. Arrive at around 6:30 to enjoy the play with us and to hear some great singing.

This Sunday, the 20th, is our annual ice skating, caroling, and pizza event! All ages and families are invited. Show up at Bethel at 2 and we’ll start with some ice breakers (ha) and then go ice skating for a few hours. After that, we’ll drive around in our cool new bus to go caroling for some members of our congregation. We’ll end the evening with some pizza for everyone. Bring $25 to the event to pay for the ice skating, pizza, and fuel. We can’t wait to see you there! We should be back at Bethel by around 7.

Finally, on Tuesday the 22, we will be going on our San Francisco walking tour! Be at Bethel by 8:30 AM if you want to go. We will have a blast spending the day in the city. Bring $10 for fuel and parking as well as money for some lunch and souveniers if you’d like. If you want to ride the cable cars, that will be an additional $6 or so. This walking tour is an exciting way to explore the city with your favorite people (us)! We should be home by 6:30.

We can’t wait to see you at these events! They are so much fun and an important part of our youth group’s holiday traditions.

Lots of love,

The Youth Assistants

Our New Bus, and a Christmas party!

Hey everyone! We have some very exciting news! The new Bethel Bus is here! Today after church, we had a fun time testing it out in a top-secret trip to Sonic Burger. I think I speak for all of us when I say that it’s AMAZING. Leather seats, outlets in every row, a huge front window, and even neon lighting. You’re going to have to see it for yourself. We can’t wait for all of the adventures that we’ll get to have in it!

On the New Bus!!!!

In other news, this Wednesday night, we’re going to go to the all-Bethel Christmas party. We also got a Christmas tree (shoutout to Cam) for the Youth Room, so show up at around 5:30 to help us decorate it with lights and ornaments. We’ll make some, too! At 6:15, we’ll head over to the Fireside Room to join the rest of Bethel at the party. We’ll be eating a soup dinner, and you can bring some cookies to share if you’d like (and they ask you to bring your recipe, too!). There will be a White Elephant, so bring a wrapped gift worth no more than $5 for that. If you don’t know what a White Elephant is, it’s basically a gift exchange where you give generally bad gifts. Look it up before you pick out what you’ll bring. We should be done somewhere between 8 to 8:30. Unfortunately, we won’t get to use the bus, but we promise we’ll be taking it out for another run soon. Keep your eye out for an ice skating and caroling event coming up soon!

Lots of Love,

the assistants

Dear youths of Bethel,

It is officially the beginning of advent and we want to be part of the holiday spirit! Join us this Wednesday at 5:30 where we will discuss holiday things like what makes it Christmas……Santa? Jesus? Both?????? Bring dinner and potluck dessert to Bethel (think cookies and stuff). Have a wonderful week!

Hope to see y’all Wednesday,

Your Youth Assistants  🐤 🐎 🍍 👼

Coronation Wednesday

Hey Youth,

Join us this Wednesday for a very special event! Meet us at church at around 7 (eat some dinner beforehand) for two very important events. First, we’ll have a pie-eating contest with the rest of the congregation. Bring a pie if you feel like it, but there will be plenty to go around. Then, we will attend a special Thanksgiving Eve service. In the service, the church will be formally accepting Pastor Ben as the lead pastor for our church. We’ll be going up and adding our own twist to it, so make sure you can show up and play a part in that. We hope to see you all there!

Lots of Love,

Laura, Amelia, Nick, and Cam  🌽 🍠 💒 🍂

Pizza, Pastor, Preach

Hello high school youth this is your two favorite blondes speaking. We are posting to inform you that this Wednesday night at 5:30 pm we will be hosting a get-together at church. We will drive to Mod Pizza (possibly in our brand new bus) and then return to church and have a discussion with Pastor Ben. Bring $20 for food and refreshments. Also be ready to listen and add to the discussion, (the topic is a surprise).

Your Favorite Blondes (and the other ones too),


🍕 Cameron and Nick  🍕