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Thanks for an amazing year!!!

Hey lovelies,

On behalf of Mel, Charlotte,  and I, we just want to say thank you so much for an amazing year.  Being your youth assistants for the 2013-14 year was such an amazing experience for the three of us. Being able to grow in all of your personal and spiritual relationships was a blessing and we couldn’t be more greatful to have shared those memories with you.  Even though you might not see us every week we will always be here to support you in all aspects of your life. We may go through ups and downs but we’ll always be a family. Remember to never take for granted this group of kids because they will leave a positive, lasting impression on your heart. We love you all sooo much!! Have an amazing year (:

Love your beautiful, graduated youth assistants,

Charlotte, Mel, and Rachel

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The annual RIVER FLOAT!!!!!

BETHEL YOUTH RIVER FLOAT (Out & About Certified)
What?  The annual River Float Trip
When?  Wednesday, August 6th from 7 am to 7pm
Where?  The floaty part of the American River in Sacramento (Ranco Cordova)
Who Should Go?  This has traditionally been a Youth event but we are opening it up to the entire congregation 🙂
How Much Does It Cost?  This event costs $30 per person which includes bus transportation, a shuttle bus ride, parking fee in Sacramento, and the cost of the raft.
What Do I Bring?   The $30 (cash or check made out to Bethel Lutheran), a sack lunch to eat along the way on the river, plus $ for snacks on the way up and way back.  Also, bring clothes that can get wet during the day, some river shoes or sandals (Teva’s are really good), a towel to use at the end of the float, a medical release (if you are under 18 and don’t already have one on file with Tom), and a great attitude and smile 🙂
When Do I Need To Let Tom Know That I’m Going? Sunday, August 3rd at church or via email at" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">
This has been a really fun tradition and I look forward to having you all join me 🙂

the great flood

Hey kiddos,

This wednesday we will be heading over to the amc Saratoga to catch the movie noah. We will be meeting at 5:30 at bethel and catching the 6:30 movie. We will be eating around that area which means you have the option of pizza my heart, the melt…etc bring about $20 for the entire evening (you need money for food and a movie ticket).  This should be an exciting night!The next wednesday we will be having one of out favorite discussions so stay tuned for that.

See y’all soon! Love your favorites,

Mel, Charlotte, and Rachel

happy spring break

Hola amigos,

As many of you know we will be in mexico for the next few days so we will be not meeting on Wednesday the 16th. Also since we will be in mexico this sunday we wont be having official sunday school but rather spending time in torvend experiencing the cedar meal. If you’re in town I highly recommend going and trying the different food 🙂 also last friendly reminder we will not be having common ground practice on the 14th but we will need all hands on deck for prep work for Easter breakfast on Saturday the 19th as well as practicing for the sunrise service. Anyways we hope everyone has a fantastic break or just week in general 🙂 the following Wednesday the 23rd we will be hitting up the movies and watching Noah so mark your calendar for that. .. feel free to contact tom or one of the youth assistants if you have anymore questions or  need details.

Love your #amazing youth assistants,

Rachel, Mel, and Charlotte

who let the dogs out?

Hey friendly friends,

This Wednesday the 26th we’ll be heading over to the happy hound and dining on some delicious hot dogs. We will be meeting at bethel at 5:30. You’ll need about $7 for this amazing eating experience. After enjoying a happy hound we will be heading over to Tom’s dog house to watch the inspirational story of G-dog. This is something you won’t want to miss out on. The next week we’ll be having a discussion with Patrice (Bailey’s mom) so definitely join us for that.  hope to see you soon. 🙂

Love a youth groups best  friend,

Charlotte,  Rachel,  and Mel

Mission to Mexico info night!!!!

Hola Amigos,

Good job singing for common ground on sunday!!!!! This wednesday the 12th we will be having our mission to mexico info night. Before discussing details about the trip we will be heading over to freebirds burrito at 5:30 and eating a delicious meal. Bring about $10 for dinner. We will begin talking about the trip at 7:15 in the youth room so bring your parents so they can get the details. This is an amazing trip to be a part of so definitely come out to hear about it. The following week we’ll be going to get mongolian bbq and play laser quest so mark your calendar for that. Hope to see you all soon 🙂

Adios love,

Mel, Rachel, and Charlotte

Get ready to celebrate Lent!!!!!

Hi Friendly Friends,

This wednesday the 5th is the beginning of the lenten season. So we will be attending the ash wednesday service which starts at 7. Before that we will be heading over to pick up some dinner in the erik’s/ yogurtland shopping plaza. We’ll be heading over to get dinner at 5:30.  bring about $10 for dindin. So be there or be square. The next wednesday we will be having a mission to mexico meeting so get your passport ready. Just a reminder that this sunday we will be singing for common ground so be ready for that!!!!!

See you soon  🙂

love the loveliest of youth assistants,

Charlotte, Mel, and Rachel

Lets talk about love ;)

Hey lovelies,

As we approach the season of love what better way to remind us about the people we love in our lives than talk about love…. Did i say love enough times yet? lol This wednesday we will be meeting at 5:30 and heading over to Safeway to pick up our favorite comfort food and chow down at bethel. Later that night we’ll be discussing different aspects of love so definitely stop by  for that. The week after that we’ll be going to movies so stay tuned for those deets. The same week we’ll be going on the skii trip to bear valley (we leave on the 20th and come back the 23rd).  Hope to see you all soon!!!!!


Charlotte, Rachel, and Mel

An eclectic game night

hey yall,

This wednesday we will be meeting at 6:15 and staying in at bethel for an exciting night of games. The games themselves will be a mystery to you but i promise they will be oodles of fun. Before that we will be eating with fun with faith so bring about $6 for that delicious meal. 🙂 The week after that we will be heading over to help at second harvest food bank. Try to be at the youth room by 5:15. If you need release forms they can be found on our website or additional copies are in the youth room. And as always we meet on sundays for sunday school at 9:40. Hope you have an amazing week.

P.S the youth room is still open at 3 on wednesdays if you want to come early 🙂

Love always and forever,

Mel, Rachel, and Charlotte

Parent info night for western states youth gathering

hey parents,

i Know you might have seen the other post but on wednesday the 15th we will be having a information night  for the western states youth gathering and your attendance will be greatly appreciated. We will be discussing the details of the event as well as the fundraisers and other opportunities that will come throughout the year leading up to the event itself. We will start discussing at 7:15 on this night and i hope you can all make it 🙂 its an amazing event to be a part of and send your kids to! We will definitely need your help with all of these events.

See you soon,

-Mel, Rachel, and Charlotte