HEY PEEPS!! This Wednesday the 10th we will be hanging out with Leah (Tom will be out of town) and getting dinner at Subway! We will be having a game night (video and card games). Bring $10-$15 and arrive at Bethel at 5:30. 🙂

Wednesday the 17th we will be talking about our past year and looking forward to 2018! We will be going to Rio Adobe for dinner. Bring $15-20 for dinner. Arrive at Bethel 5:30. Can’t wait to see you there!

-Lindsey and Teague 🙂

Cookies and Coco

Hi friends,

I want to invite you to check into Specialty Bakery next Thursday, December 21st from 2 to 4 pm to redeem your “post finals” cookie and coco on me 🙂  Come share your highs and lows of your last week of the fall semester and touch base one last time before Christmas.

Also, a reminder that we moved the San Francisco Walking Tour to Wednesday, December 27th from 8:30am to 6:30pm.  See the post below.

All alumni are invited to cookies and SF.  Looking forward to seeing you 🙂

Peace, Tom


Because a lot of our youth (all of them)won’t be out of school during the week the tour was originally planned, we’re moving it! The SF Walking tour will now be on December 27th! Don’t miss it!

Be there at 8:30, bring $5 for transportation, plus money for starbucks, sovernirs, and food. (There will be lots of post-Christmas deals to buy presents for your favorite youth assistants~) It’s going be suuuper fun!

PS. Don’t forget this Wednesday the youth will be watching the Bethel Kid’s christmas program!

FunnnnnnnNNN STUFF!!!


Sunday is going to be amazing!!!! Its the 10th bring $25 for pizza 🍕, caroling ❄️, ice skating ⛸ and more! Its for all ages and going to be so fun I’m really excited 🎄!!! Meet at Bethel at 2 pm, we’ll be all wrapped up (🎁) by 6:30!

Wednesday the 13th is the BLC Christmas Program at 6:30 pm! Bring your friends and enjoy the story of Jesus’s birth told by the kids of Bethel. YAY JESUS!! 👶🏽

Wednesday the 20th everyone is invited to come on our annual San Francisco 🌇walk at 8:30 am. We get to hang out around the city, eat awesome food, see the sights! Bring $5 for transportation,  plus money for Starbucks and lunch. We’ll be home warm and cozy by 6:30.

<3 Teague and Lindsey


Here are a couple of photos from Wednesday night’s activity and discussion about masks

Slide thru to some awesome events!

Hello friends!

Next Wednesday we will be getting dinner at The Habit at 5:30 and then a discussion on intentions at 7:15! Bring about $15.

Sunday the 10th bring $25 for pizza, caroling, ice skating and more! Meet at Bethel at 2 pm.

Wednesday the 13th is the BLC Christmas Program at 6 pm! Bring your friends and enjoy the story of Jesus’s birth told by the kids of Bethel.

Wednesday the 20th everyone is invited to come on our annual San Francisco walk at 8:30 am. Bring $5 for Starbucks and lunch.

It’s a lot to remember so put everything on your calendar! Can’t wait to see you soon. 🙂

-Lindsey and Teague

Fun stuff comin’ up

Sunday we’ll be talking about thankfulness!

Wednesday starting at 5:30 we’ll be eating at the sandwhich spot and going to pie fest at the church!! Don’t miss out on the pie 😎

Wednesday the 29th we’ll be going to Quickly for dinner and picking up

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Next Wednesday

Hey kiddos!

Next Wednesday Tom will be back in town!!! (YAY!) We will be having a discussion about how to be a good listener and communicator from 7:15-8:30. Arrive at 5:15 at Bethel and bring $15-20. We will be having dinner at Gombei (Japanese food) before hand. Hope to see you guys there!

-Lindsey and Teague 😁

Coming Up 😎

We’re missing Tom Wednesday and Sunday 🙁 But we’ll still have fun!!

This Wednesday 6:15-8:30 we’ll be seeing a Buddhist representative in the fireside room. Bring a friend and $5 for food!

Sunday is Bethel’s 60th Anniversary! We’ll be talking with Molly at 9:45 and then get to have some good food and participate in the festivities!

Next Wednesday is going to be so exciting!! We’re making blankets and watching a movie! We will also be going to Main Street Cupertino for dinner. Bring $20 for food 😎

See y’all soon!!

-Teague and Lindsey 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

Buckets buckets and moooore buckets


We’re going to be working on more buckets this sunday so dont miss out!

Wednesday the 25th, we’ll be going to second harvest food bank! That means we’ll be leaving at 5:15 exactly so don’t be late!! make sure you wear shirts with sleeves (no tanks… im lookin at you tom), close toed shoes, and pants (no shorts) . Also bring 10-25$ for dinner.

The Sunday after that (the 29th) we will be loading up Tom’s trailor with buckets so we would love your help!


Can’t wait to see yall tonight

-Teague 😎😎😎