Winter Events!

Hey Everyone! This Wednesday 12/17/14 is a Christmas Program at 5:30 P.M. and we are meeting in the youth room. Bring your own dinner.

Next Wednesday 12/24/14 there will not be a Wednesday night outing.

On Sunday 12/21/14 will be the skating, pizza, and caroling outing from 2-7 P.M.

On Tuesday 12/23/14 will be the San Francisco walking tour from 8:30-5:30 bring money for breakfast and lunch.

Also we have received a note from out International Compassion child that we have been supporting for a few years new:

Dear Bethel Lutheran Youth Group,

Hi! It’s such a joy for me as I take my pen to write you this letter. How are you, your family, your activities, and your health keeping? How is school going? My family and I are doing great thanks to God. I feel very glad to tell you that I passed from grade 7 into grade 8 at school. I’m trying harder so that I can pass the first term test. I love you very much. Please pray for me and my family.


If you have any questions call us at these numbers. Thank You!

Tom (408) 309-9975 Emilie (408) 781-7386 Spencer (408) 206-2343


Scandinavian Event Update!

Hi Friends,

Here’s a little update on tonight’s event.  Dinner (and not just any dinner) will be provided tonight.  Yummy soups and other delicacies will accompany craft tables and a cool Scandinavian Dance performance by some authentic Scandinavians :-)  Come from 6pm – 8pm and bring a canned food item if you can (get it).

Peace, Tom

Myriad of Events

Hi all!

This Wednesday, December 10, Bethel will be hosting a Scandinavian Dance at 6pm, however, you should here by 5:30 and bring your own dinner.

Congratulations to Bethel on electing a new lead pastor!

On Saturday, December 13, the a capella group, Grace Notes, will have a concert starting at 7pm. (Junior High welcome)

On Sunday, December 14, Bethel will be having its Christmas Concert at 6pm. (Junior High welcome)

On Sunday the 21st, we will be ice skating, having pizza, and caroling starting at 2pm until 6pm. (Junior High welcome)

The 23rd is the San Francisco walking tour.

If you have any questions please contact us at these phone numbers:

Emilie (408) 781-7386 Tom (408) 309-9975 Spencer (408) 206-2343



Island Burger and Under 30

Hey everyone! This Wednesday 12/3/14 we will be meeting in the youth room at 5:30 and we will be heading to Island Burger for dinner so bring 10-15$. Then we will be heading back to the youth room for an “Under 30″ discussion so don’t miss out! If you can’t make it for the dinner you can arrive at the youth room at 7:00 for the discussion.

This Saturday 12/6 at 9:15 A.M. there will be a meet and great with Pastor Ben in the fireside room.

This Sunday 12/7 at 9:45 A.M. to vote for the new pastor.

Next Wednesday 12/10/14 we will be attending a Scandinavian Christmas party.

If you have any questions Please contact us at these numbers.

Tom Hogel (408) 309-9975 Emilie (408) 781-7386 Spencer (408) 206-2343

Dinner, Worship, Pie

Hey all of you youth people! This Wednesday 11/26/14 we will be meeting in the youth room at 5:30 and we will be heading to the Safeway shopping center for dinner. Bring at least $10.00 for dinner. Once we have arrived back at church we will be heading to the Thanksgiving service. After the service we will be having pie for desert. Feel free to bake your BEST pie. Hope to see you all there!

Also, next week we will be going out to dinner and having a discussion. If you cannot make it for dinner we will be bake at the youth room around 7:00 for the discussion. See Ya!

Spencer (408) 206-2343 Emilie (408) 781-7386 Tom (408) 309-9975

Game Night and Pie

Hi there!

This Wednesday, 11/19/14, at 5:30 we will be having dinner with fun with faith group-bring $5 for potential donations. Afterwards, we will be having a game night in the youth room- so bring your favorite board game!

Next Wednesday, there will be a pie-fest as a church sponsored event in celebration of Thanksgiving that starts at 7pm.

Hope to see you all soon!

Emilie (408-781-7386) Spencer (408-206-2343) Tom (408-309-9975)

LaserQuest (pew pew)


This Wednesday, 11/12/14, we will head down to Mountain View to play a game of LaserQuest! We will meet in the youth room at 5:30 and head to Togos to grab dinner. For both dinner and LaserQuest you should need $20.

Next week, we will have dinner with fun with faith and then have a game night. Bring $5 for potential donations for fun with faith.

See you all there!

Emilie (408-781-7386) Spencer (408-206-2343) Tom (408-309-9975)

Candle-lit discussion

Hi all!

This Wednesday, November 5th, we will be meeting in the youth room at 5:30 to head out to Red Robin for dinner. Bring about $15-20 for it. If you cannot make dinner, we will be back at Bethel at 7:15ish to have a candle-lit discussion about our lives. Hope to see you all there!

Next Wednesday, we will hopefully be going to Laser Quest. We would stop and get Togos beforehand- so we would still meet at 5:30 in the youth room. We will update you on further details and costs as we get them. Hope you can make it to this event!

If you have any questions feel free to contact:

Emilie (408-781-7386) Spencer (408-206-2343) Tom (408-309-9975)


World Series – Game 7

Hi Friends,

You’ve probably already heard that there is a Game 7 in the World Series tonight.  The Fun with Faith Harvest Festival has been cancelled but we will enjoy the game on the youth room TV along with some yummy pizza.  Somewhere along in the evening, we’ll venture over to Ice Box for a snack.  Good news is that the pizza will cost you $0 and you just need to bring $ for your Ice Cream Sandwich :-)

The 1st pitch is at 5:07 so come over anytime you want.

Peace, Tom

Harvest Festival and IceBox

Hello everyone!

This Wednesday, 10/29, we will be celebrating the harvest festival with the Bethel community and food will be provided. We will meet in the youth room and then move over to Torvend. Bring $5 for the food there. After the festivities, we will potentially walking over to IceBox if weather permits-if not we will drive. Bring another $5 for that.

Next Wednesday, we will head over to Red Robin (yummmmmm) for dinner- you will need about $15 for this. However, if you cannot make it for dinner, we will be back to the youth room around 7:15 and you can join us for our candlelit  discussion.

Hope to see you there!

Emilie (408-781-7386) Spencer (408-206-2343) Tom (408-309-9975)