This Wednesday, December 7th!

Hey guys!

This week we’ll be meeting up at Bethel at 5:30 to hang out for an hour, and then heading to Torvend Hall to listen to a guest Rabbi speak. Dinner is part of the event, and it’ll be from Maggiano’s (suggested donation $10). See you there!

Next week, we’ll be meeting at 5:30 to watch the Kid Connection Christmas program!!!!! It’ll probably be really cute and fun and we get to watch little kids sing, so I’m pretty excited for that one :)

Don’t forget about the other upcoming events, the Christmas Caroling/Ice Skating/Pizza event from 2 to 6 on Sunday the 18th, and the San Francisco walking tour on the following Tuesday!!!!

See you all soon!


Wednesday, Nov 30th

Hey everyone!

This week, we’ll be meeting at Bethel at 5:30 and driving to the shopping center down Stevens Creek for dinner. Options include The Sandwich Spot, Panda Express, Safeway, El Pollo Loco and a few others. Afterwards we’ll come back to church and decorate a square for the Christmas banner. Bring money for food!

Next Wednesday, we’ll meet at Bethel at 5:30 to hang out for an hour before listening to our guest Rabbi speak. Suggested donation will probably be $10, and we’ll wrap up around 8.

Just a reminder, there are more events coming up like the ice skating/pizza/caroling event (December 18th) and SF walking tour (December 20th). I’m excited and I hope you guys are too!!

Hope to see you all soon,


This Wednesday, November 23

Hey everyone! Sorry for the late post!!!!

This week, on Wednesday (tomorrow) is the Thanksgiving service, which starts at 7. There will be a TON of pie after too, if you’re into that.

Next week, we’ll be meeting at 5:30 to have dinner at the shopping center with the Sandwich Spot and Panda Express (and other food) and then coming back to bethel for some arts and crafts. We’re coloring a square for the Christmas banner, which should be super awesome and fun!! Hope to see you guys there.

The SF walking tour has also been moved up 1 day, so that its December 20th instead of the 21st (it’s super fun and you should all go).

See you guys soon!!!




This Wednesday (the 16th) is game night!! Meet up at Bethel around 5:30 and bring your own dinner, as well as any board games you want to play. We have a few in the youth room but not that many, so if you guys want options then bring games. We should wrap up around 8:15 :) I’ll probably send out another text Wednesday to remind everyone. See you all there!!!

Sunday, we’ll be watching more of the movie Luther. I hope you guys are as excited as I am!!!! :)

Next Wednesday is the Thanksgiving service, so come to Bethel at 7 and there will be pie. So much pie.

See you soon,

Skyler :)

This Wednesday, November 9th!

Hey everyone!

This Wednesday the 9th, we’ll meet up at church around 5:30 and take the Bethel Bus to The Habit for dinner. After, we’ll be headed to Tom’s house for a discussion about the results of Tuesday’s election, which should be very interesting ( or maybe bad? who knows??). We’ll be back at Bethel around 8:30. Bring money for dinner! If you can’t make it at 5:30, text me or Tom and we’ll work something out :)

Next Wednesday at 5:30, we’ll be eating at the Stevens Creek shopping center down the street (Safeway, Panda Express, the Sandwich Spot, etc) and then having a game night in the youth room!!! Bring $ for food and, if possible, your favorite board game :)

Hope to see you all soon!!


Wednesday, November 2nd :)

Hey friends,

This Wednesday, November 2nd, we’ll be eating Italian food at Bethel and listening to a guest speaker talk about Muslim-Christian relations. We’ll meet in the Youth Room at 5:30 and hang out for an hour before heading over to Torvend to listen to the Imam! The discussion should be over around 8 pm, and the suggested donation for food is $10. See you there!

Next week, November 9th, we’ll be eating at The Habit and then coming back to Bethel to discuss the results of the election (yikes). Bring $ for dinner and we’ll meet at church at 5:30, and we’ll probably wrap up around 8:30 as usual.

Hope to see everyone soon!


This Wednesday!!

Hey everyone,

This Wednesday, October 26th, we’ll be discussing the current elections! We’ll meet up at Bethel at 5:15, and head over to Main Street Cupertino for dinner. Our options include Lyfe Kitchen, Oren’s Hummus and Pieology, as well as others, so bring money for food (you won’t need more than $20). Afterward, we’ll come back to Bethel for our discussion and wrap up around 8:30 :)

This Sunday, try to attend the first service so we can congratulate some of the ninth graders on being confirmed!! After the service we’ll be hanging out in the youth room and eating food, so come if you can :)

Next Wednesday, we’ll be hanging out in the Youth Room at 5:30, and then going to eat and hear a guest speaker talk about Christian-Muslim relations around 6:30.

On November 5th, Out and About is going to Hearst Castle for the day, so let Tom know if you want to go! Tickets are $35.

Ok, that was long but I hope to see you all very soon!!!!

Skyler (the most dedicated youth assistant)

Second Harvest this Wednesday!

Hey everyone,

This Wednesday (October 19th) we’re meeting at Bethel at 5:15 to go to Second Harvest and do some community service! Bring money for dinner, and make sure to wear CLOSED-TOE SHOES, LONG SLEEVES AND LONG PANTS!!! I promise it’ll be fun, and this is also a good way to partially fulfill a community service hour requirement if you have one. We’ll be back at the church by 9:15 :)

Sunday, we’ll keep watching Luther.

Hope to see you all on Wednesday!


Movie and Pizza Night!!!

Hey everyone,

This Wednesday the 12th we’ll be watching a movie and eating pizza at Bethel at 5:30! I’m bringing the pizza, so don’t worry about money for dinner but maybe bring a drink if you want. If you have a movie you want to watch, bring it and we’ll vote on one!! I’ll also bring a few DVDs so we’ll have a bunch to choose from. Also, people expressed interest in making blankets (the kind where you tie knots around the edges and they’re very soft n nice) so you’ll have the option to do that!! If you want to make a blanket, stop by Joann Fabrics and check out the fleece, which is SUPER SOFT! It’s not too expensive but try to print out some coupons before you go, you can almost always find coupons online. I would suggest one patterned sheet for the top and a solid for the bottom, but you can make it one layer or do something else if you want. Dimension-wise, I would also suggest 2 yards of each fabric you want to use, just make sure your two pieces are the same size and that the width is the same (it’ll say on the cardboard piece the fabric is on). Bring your own fabric and maybe a pair of scissors, and we’ll make our blankets together!!! If you don’t want to make a blanket that’s totally fine, come hang out with us anyway :) I hope you’re as excited as I am!!!

Sunday, the Luther movie continues.

Next Wednesday, we’ll be going to dinner (so bring $) and to Second Harvest to volunteer. Make sure to wear long pants and sleeves, as well as closed-toe shoes. Come to Bethel at 5:15, and we’ll be back by 9 pm! Hope to see you there!!!

Skyler (the  youth assistant)

Share Your Story (Wednesday, October 5th)

Hey everyone!

This Wednesday, October 5th, we’ll be meeting up at Bethel and heading to Pieology for dinner around 5:30. We’ll most likely stop at Cream for dessert, so bring as much money as you think you’ll need (no more than $20). When we come back to the church, we’ll be doing something Tom calls “Share Your Story.” Each of us will bring some form of media, like a song, picture, video, app or something else you feel represents an important aspect of yourself. We’ll spend some time catching up, and then share about ourselves and our lives through whatever media we brought.

Hope to see you all there :)

Skyler (the spiciest youth assistant)