Easter Breakfast Rocked!!!

Hi Friends,

I want to give a BIG THANKS to Terri Choate and Jules Kurtz for their outstanding leadership with last weeks Easter Breakfast!  Their persistence, good humor, and willingness to make the weekend great for all made for a super Easter Breakfast.  On behalf of our Sr High Youth Group, thanks to all the parents who support this awesome ministry!  We are definitely all in this together :-)

Peace, Tom

Here’s a note that Jules wanted me to pass along as well:

Hello Bethel Youths and Parents,

I can not thank each of you enough for the awesome job everyone did Sunday morning at the Easter Breakfast.

The crowd this year seemed larger then in the past and the rush of people between the services was huge BUT EVERYONE (youth and parents) pulled together and worked as a team.

Each of you made such an amazing contribution and we truly needed everyone.

 I Thank you all for everything you did – What an amazing team – Jules Kurtz

Second Harvest & Mexico

Hey everyone!

This Wednesday 4/8/15 we will be meeting in the youth room at 5:30 SHARP to head on over to Second Harvest Food Bank. Please fill out your health form if you have not done it in a while and your volunteer form if you want those community service hours. Make sure you wear closed toe shoes, long pants, and shirts with sleeves. (Tom will have to stay on the bus :P). Afterwards you can grab dinner at any of these restaurants such as five guys, chipotle, Panera, and more so bring $10-15 for food.

There will be no Senior High Fellowship next Wednesday on 4/15/15 because we will be on the Mission to Mexico Trip!!! If you are attending the event, please make sure to get your paperwork turned into Tom by this Wednesday 4/8/15. Make sure your passport is up to date!

Happy Holy Week :D

Hey all of you fun and outgoing members of the bethel youth! This week is holy week (HOORAY!) so there will not be a senior high fellowship this Wednesday 4/1/15. But don’t be sad, you can come to the Maundy Thursday and or the Good Friday services!  ☺ Next week, 4/8/15 we will be going to second harvest food bank. Bring 10$ for dinner after as well as long pants and closed toe shoes. Plus fill out the releases if you haven’t recently.

Easter for Common Ground at Bethel:

This Saturday April 4th from 10 a.m.-Noon will be Breakfast prep and rehearsal. Sunday, April 5th at 6:00am Arrive at Memorial Park for the Sunrise Service. 8:00-11:00am: Serve Easter Breakfast. 10:45am Service: Common Ground Sings

Hope you have a fantastic rest of your week!!!!  😊

March 30th Common Ground Announcements

Hi Friends,

Welcome to Holy Week!  Make sure to take time out to journey through the Last Supper, Good Friday and into Easter.  As Common Ground, we have the honor of leading worship Sunday early at Memorial Park and then serving breakfast at Bethel.  Should be great!  Check out the announcements and let me know if you have questions.

Peace, Tom

March 30th Common Ground Announcements (28.1 KiB)

Island Burger, Dr. Phil, & Compassion Girl

Hey all of you Bethelonians!

This Wednesday, 3/25/15 we will be meeting in the youth room at 5:30 and we will be heading on over to Island Burger for dinner. Bring around $15 for food. Then we will head back to the youth room for a Dr. Phil, Jesus, or Me discussion. If you cannot make it for food but would like to be there for the discussion, we will be back at the youth room around 7;00. Hope to see all of you there!

There will be no Senior High Fellowship next week because it is holy weed so come attend the Good Fridays services!

Also, we just received a letter from our compassion girl, Occius Marie Kechelove from Haiti and she writes:

Dear Friends,

I greet you in the precious name of our Savior and Lord Jesus. My name is Orelus Clermilus. I have been pastoring at my church and the Torbeck Child Development Center; which supports and cares for Occius Marie Kechelove, or the last 17 years. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your prayers, support, and love for Kechelove and our Center in Haiti. Our Center has been and is a valuable tool for development in the area of Mahot. It is a ay of evangelization and an instrument of social and economical transformation. The relationship developed by it with the members of the community and the various programs it implements in favor of children makes it is a very important institution in the community. Mahot is located in the first section of the town of Torbeck. The main economic activities of the area are farming, agriculture and fishing. However, the lack of economic resources and technical training to operate these sectors prevents people from taking full advantage of their work. Secondly, these challenges are compounded by the fact that Mahot is very vulnerable and exposed to climate hazards. Almost every year we are hit by a natural disaster, such as flooding, drought or hurricane. This causes enormous loss of flock and harvesting, no need to mention post-disaster epidemics like typhoid, cholera and the latest, Chikungunya. Facing a situation like this, many people fled the area to looking for a better life elsewehre. Others engage in excessive cutting of wood to make charcoal to feed their families. These behaviors, instead of easing the pain of the population, make the situation worse by causing very serious environmental problems. It is in this context that the Center’s support to the children and their families are important. Through the various programs that are implemented, young people have not only financial means to pay school fees and health care, but they also receive all sorts of training to enable them to become leaders, models, and agents of social and spiritual transformation. Clubs and classes are available for young people to enable them to exercise a profession for generating income. For example, the youth band of the Center started earning some money thanks to the music course they have attended at the Center. By different training that we organize for parents, they can plan their family life. They know better how to educate their children and how to set up small businesses etc. Thanks to all these works there has been a significant increase in the standard of living of the population and also the number of people who accepted Christ in the community. However; many challenges are still ahead, such as the renovation and rehabilitation of school facilities at the Center; the construction of a computer center; and the construction of a rehearsal room for the band. We remain convinced that our God will pour abundantly on you all His graces and blessings for your love and support of Kechelove and this program. Be assured that we will never cease to pray you and your family.

I thank you with all my heart.

May God Bless You!

In Christ,

Pastor Orelus Clermilus



March 23rd Common Ground Announcements

Hello Peeps and Parentals :-)

Here is the pdf for tonight’s Common Ground Announcements.  I have a special request for one or two families to be the host for the Easter Breakfast coming up in two weeks.  The Sudarsanam’s have handed me the binder and I would love to give several of you the chance to co-lead this fun event.  I do all the shopping and have everything ready to go for the volunteers to prep on Saturday, April 4th and serve on Easter Sunday, April 5th.

Your job is to help heard the process.  It is pretty easy but also very important.  It is also impossible for me to do because of the many other responsibilities I have on those days.  I am physically here, but will be busy with lot’s of things.  Please email me at to----@------.net or call me on my cell at 408-309-9975 for questions and to say “Yes”.  Really, it is pretty fun to do it with two or three parents.

Peace, Tom

March 23rd Common Ground Announcements (28.2 KiB)

A little medical heads up

Hi friends,

We found out that one of our youth has a case of pertussis.  The individual was at Common Ground and Sunday School last week and I want to let you know in case your youth is experiencing any of the symptoms including a cough that just won’t quit.  The affected youth is on antibiotics and doing just fine.  Let’s keep taking care of ourselves and each other :-)

Peace, Tom

Tom’s House

Hey everyone!

This Wednesday 3/18/15 we will be meeting in the youth room at 5:30. We will be heading to Tom’s House for a BBQ and a discussion on gender roles/expectations. Bring $5.00 for food. Hope to see all of you there!

Also next Wednesday 3/25/15 we will be heading to Island Burger for food and then we will be going back to the youth room for a discussion.

Don’t forget about Sunday school at 9:45 A.M.

2015 Common Ground Parent Packet

Hello CG Parents,

Here are 5 pdf’s that make up the Parent Packet that we discussed last night at our meeting as well as the spring schedule for Common Ground.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Peace, Tom

15 Common Ground History (30.2 KiB) 15 Common Ground Youth Mission Statement (45.5 KiB) 15 Common Ground Fact Sheet (46.9 KiB) 15 Common Ground Parent's Sign Up Sheet (44.8 KiB) 15 Common Ground Spring Schedule (57.2 KiB)